Simionato RCW – Hayssen Flexible Systems

TypeMultihead weighing system
OutputDepends on product
Dimensions1800 x 1700 x 1500 mm 
Weight~1000 Kg
Power/Voltage N400V – 50/60Hz 5P+3F+N+T / 16 A 
Pneumatic feeding6 bar  

Quick and precise: two adjectives that well describe the multi-head weighers of Simionato. Many years of experience, gained from thousands of different products, have built this highly effi cient and performing Simionato product. This heritage has allowed the company to be counted among the top producers in the world.
As with all Simionato products, ease of use and maintenance are fundamental in the design of equipment. The weighing machine RCW-Simweight Gate has been designed to satisfy the needs of the largest possible range of products minimising set-up times. Light or heavy, small or big, are all managed with the maximum precision.
All versions have been developed with the same modular concept to respond to specific needs.