Slicing machine EURO 1920

Blade Ø190 mm
Cut length200 mm
Cut height145 mm
Slice thickness0 – 15 mm
Slice dimensions225-200 mm
Footprint420 x 280 mm
Exterior dimensions445 x 335 x 275 mm
Workspace535 x 350 x 420 mm
Blade speed99 rpm
Operating period15 min
Emission noise level<69 dB
Net weight9,4 kg
Motor Power185W/230V  
Accessories2-disc blade sharpener, plastic tray, special oil

Profi slicing machines

Precision for professionals in gastronomy and canteens

In gastronomy and canteens, many cutting tasks arise – like slicing sausage, ham, cheese, bread or vegetables. Our slicing machine program takes care of all that with these features:

Powerful motors
With maintenance-free gears.
They guarantee you traction even with the most diffi cult items to be sliced.

Advanced blade gears
This design principle ensures long discharge of the cut slices even with small blade diameters. That prevents the slice-products from breaking even with hard and large slicing items.

Free-wheeling blade
That facilitates cutting directly in a pan or on a tray. That guarantees fast work without delay.

Rapid cleaning
The freely accessible surfaces used everywhere – even behind the blade – save work time every day and ensures optimum hygiene.

Continuous duty operation (except EURO 1920) was designed for constant use, so the slicing machines won’t let you down even during peak loads or large events; rather, they stick with you through thick and thin, hour for

Investment security
The guaranteed minimum term for spare parts and cost-effective, fast spare parts supply are another plus for GRAEF machines.

We are convinced of our quality – so you get a 3 year warranty from us.