Slicing machine EURO 3020VS

Blade Ø300 mm
Cut length260 mm
Cut height195 mm
Slice thickness0-24 mm
Slice dimensions260 x 300 mm
Footprint540 x 440 mm
Exterior dimensions600 x 600 x 420 mm
Workspace720 x 650 x 700 mm
Blade speed230 rpm
Operating periodContinuous duty
Emission noise level<69 dB
Net weight38,5 kg
Motor Power500W/230V or 400V~ three-phase current
FeaturePatented Vario-slice carriage 
Accessories2-disc blade sharpener, special oil
OptionCera coating

Master slicing machines

Precision for professionals in meat markets, groceries, gastronomy, canteens and catering.

The distinguishing characteristics of this series are the compact design, the implementation of safety requirements along with the best handling, exact slicing results even with demanding items along with a great deal of cleaning

The 300 to 500 watt powerful motors with air-cooling system and double ball-bearing supported gears form the “heart” of the machines. Together with the hard-chromed plated special high-performance blades, that results in clean and fast slices. The support for the items to be sliced prevents the product from evasion, preventing the typical “earing” effect.

The large range offers optimal slicing technology even for special applications.

The Piezo switch engineering deployed ensures lag free unit switch on/off and on top of that is absolutely water-tight and indestructible.

The machines show their mettle even after closing time. The surrounding rubber frame, fl ush close to the worktop, prevents soiling underneath the machine.

The smooth, freely accessible areas provided everywhere – even behind the blade – permit cleaning with a piece of cloth. The parts that mainly touch the items to be sliced such as the blade cover plate, wiper, and even the carriage, can be removed from the machine with a single grasp and can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned in the wash water. That guarantees minimised wage costs for cleaning.

We are convinced of our quality – so you get a 2 year warranty from us.