Capacity pump63 m³/h
Machine cycle15-40 s
Dimensions700x690x1070 mm
Weight163 kg
Power2.4-3.5 kW
Chamber dimensions500×520(2 sealing bars)x230(H)

◦Robust single and double chamber vacuum packaging machines

◦Full range for vacuum and MAP packaging options

◦Program choices for specific packaging requirements

◦Industrial machines for an attractive price

◦User friendly equipment supplied with complete service program

◦Efficiency and optimal profit due to professional packaging

◦Single and double chamber floor models

◦Stainless steel housing

◦Aluminum vacuum chamber

◦Aluminum lid with sight glass

◦Easily removable silicon holders

◦Sealing mechanism mounted in lid

◦Insert plates for adjusting vacuum chamber height


Packaging functions

◦Vacuum: Final vacuum 99,80% (2 Mbar)

Gas-flush Injecting : M.A.P. packaging

◦Soft-air: Controlled ventilation


Sealing systems

◦Double seal: 2 convex sealing wire (2 x 3.5 mm)

◦Cut-off seal: 1 convex sealing wire (3.5 mm) + 1 round cutting wire (1.1 mm) 

◦1-2 cut-off seal: cutt-of seal system with independent time setting 

◦Wide Seal:1 flat sealing wire (8.0 mm)

◦Bi-Active seal: 1 flat sealing wire (5.0 mm), bi-lateral seal


Operational control functions

◦Digital Control: vacuum and seal time settings + 10 personalized programs recordable

◦Sensor Control: % vacuum and seal time settings + 10 personalized programs recordable + possibility of vacuum plus extra time


NEW: Function Quick Stop H2O sensor: boiling point detection, condensation prevention inside the pump and product drying avoiding


Support control functions

◦STOP button for partial/full cycle interruption

◦Digital cleaning program for pump

◦Automatic reminder for oil replacement

◦Service detection device


Optional functions / Accessories

◦Filler plate to optimize the chamber volume for packaging

◦Inclined plate for efficient packing of liquid products  

◦Service kit for standard maintenance  

◦ ESD Configuration available for electronics and packing of product in clean rooms