Fill Seal 2500

Output40 cycles/min 
Machine dimensions2010 x 970 x 2011 mm
Instaled power1.1kw -380V – 50Hz
Container max dimmensionsd125x120 (h) mm
Filling capacity50-500cc
Pneumatic feeding600 ltr/min – 6 bars  

The ILPRA Fill Seal 2500 is a filling/sealing machine equipped with a turntable, conceived to meet the market request of a machine for automatic filling and packaging of liquid and doughy products at a price that even the manufacturer that has to start with a limited production can afford.

It is particularly suitable for a small and medium productions, it is entirely made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum. All the main drive is mechanical, thus granting a high precision in working and a remarkable easiness of use and maintenance.

The functions of the machine are mechanically controlled by a cam system and a microprocessor that enables the machine to perform all the operations with the highest precision.

The FILL SEAL 2500 is a filling/sealing machine equipped with an automatic turntable, suitable for production of up to 2500 pieces per hour. Obviously the output can change according to the characteristics of the products and the required filling capacity. The machine is designed for packaging liquid and doughy products, such as yoghurt, cheese, milk, margarine, butter, jam, honey, sauces, soups, etc… in pre-formed containers made of PS, PET, PP, aluminum and coupled cardboard.

This model is available in two versions: the STANDARD version, for sealing containers with aluminum or paper pre-cut lids and the FILM version that uses reel fed lidding film. In the latter case the machine can be equipped with a printed top web system to correctly place the printed film on the tray.

It is a filling/sealing machine able to package one container per cycle. The machine is constructed from stainless steel and anodized aluminum. All the main motions of the machine are mechanical (cam) and are controlled by a microprocessor. The machine speed can be changed through an inverter. Both the cleaning and maintenance operations are very simple. In addition, the machine can be customized with several options such as; high capacity container storage, a filling system with automatic cleaning (CIP), a snap-on-lid system, the DOSATRONIC version with automatic regulation of the filler, etc…