FP Z-Line

Output12-16 cycles/min
Dimensions3400 x 1500 x 2000 mm
Weight~1250 kg
Power/Voltage N11kw -380V – 3-50Hz (without vacuum/gas)
Power/Voltage V/G16kw -380V -3-50Hz (with vacuum/gas)
Output N16 cycles/min (without vacuum/gas)
Output V/G12 cycles/min (with vacuum/gas)
Max. tray dimensions900x280x110 (h) mm for 1 place mould
Max. tray dimensions135x280x110 (h) mm for 6 places mould
Pneumatic feeding0,5 Nlt/cycle – 6 bar

The FP Z-Line is a thermo sealing machine characterized by innovative design and high technology. The machine is available in two versions: N for sealing only and V/G for vacuum/gas packaging.

High technology:

The machine is designed with ILPRA technology based on electro-mechanical motion of working stations which offers low energy consumption and low maintenance.


The touch screen control panel features a friendly use multi-program storage capability. The changeover is carried out without using any tool.

High performance and space saving:

With Compact design (3600 x1600 x 2000 mm) and large sealing area (up to 900mm), the Z-line is able to satisfy high speed production.

Hygiene and complete access:

The FP Z-Line is primarily constructed of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, so that it can be used in wet environments (IP 65 protection class). All that makes cleaning and maintenance operations very easy.

Versatility and customization:

The Z-Line can run different depth trays per cycle at the same time, thus reducing the machine downtime. Thanks to the innovative design the Z-Line is easy to integrate into existing customer’s production lines.