Control your kitchen with “HIGH TEMP”!

2015-11-03 12:39

High Temp is a new, advanced option on Henkelman’s Lynx series. It enables you to vacuum pack food products at a high temperature, as from 65 °C and higher in the vacuum bag. Using it is easy. Just select it in the Advanced Control System.
Advantages: Control you kitchen!

– Higher quality. Substances just mix better when hot. Professional hot packing makes sure soups and sauces keep their perfect homogene structure.
– Better hygiene. The hermetically sealed package protects the food product against contamination risks during the cooling down period.
– More efficient process. Speed up the cooling down of your food products! The possibility to pack smaller portions makes you work twice as fast.
– More control. Work better. Work cleaner. Work faster. Control your kitchen with Henkelman’s High Temp.

How does it work?

Closing the lid starts the extraction of air from the vacuum chamber. The seal bar closes the vacuum bag without sealing it. In the first phase the boiling point is detected and the vacuum chamber is aerated. In the second phase the bag opens and the regular vacuum cycle starts. At the end of the vacuum cycle, the seal bar closes and seals the bag. The vacuum chamber is aerated until the pressure within equals the atmospheric pressure. Finally, the lid opens.

Quality chefs

Henkelman’s High Temp option is suitable for any professional chef that strives for the continuous optimisation of kitchen processes. Quality is the key word. From star chef in a restaurant or hotel to quality caterer and institutional kitchen chef. The High Temp can be used for all kinds of food products, but it will be of special use for liquid and moist products.


Henkelman‘s High Temp option is scientifically substantiated through research by Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research. Do you wish to be informed about the High Temp? Or do you have questions? Please do not hesitate to contact or +370 698 56078 | +370 666 00111